WOLF ALICE – ” Bros “

Posted: May 28, 2015 in MUSIC
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Bros’ from Wolf Alice’s forthcoming debut album, ‘My Love Is Cool’. 

Wolf Alice have shared the video for Bros 2.0, the re-worked version of their popular early single. The single is one of the band’s earliest rabble-rousers, and will feature on their hugely-anticipated debut record My Love Is Cool next month.

Filmed by ‘Sblood in the area where lead singer Ellie Rowsell grew up, it shows the tale of two friends creating life-long memories, something that Wolf Alice tried to create in the song. Rowsell said that it’s an “ode to childhood imagination and friendship and all the charm that comes with that.”

“My Love Is Cool” is released on Dirty Hit Records on 22nd June.

Swapping out the DIY aesthetics of the original ‘Bros’ video, the new clip sees two kids hanging out in the same North London borough as Ellie and her friend Sadie (whose friendship the tracks written about) did back in the day.

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