STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN – ” Riviera Paradise “

Posted: May 28, 2015 in MUSIC
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This song is performed by Stevie Ray Vaughan and appears on the album “In Step” (1989) This is a soulful instrumental. After a full day of recording material for the album, Stevie Ray asked his producer to leave the tape running and to turn down the lights. All alone, he recorded the guitar track on his Fender Strat. Double Trouble added the backing later, including an organ foundation from Reese Wynans.

There’s nothing quite like listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan jam by himself in a dark studio, kept company only by his guitar rig and the producer in the booth recording him. ‘Riviera Paradise’ is a gorgeous song, one that was featured on Stevie’s final album “In Step”.

This instrumental piece is incredibly special; not just because it was Stevie improvising after a hard day of recording, but because it feels like we’re being given a sneak peek into Stevie’s soul.

‘Riviera Paradise’ has an incredibly intimate feel – as if we as listeners stumbled across a private moment between Stevie and his guitar, and are torn between leaving because it wasn’t for us to hear, and staying because it’s one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever heard.

It honestly doesn’t even need the backing provided by Double Trouble, but it definitely adds to the song’s ambiance!

Stevie Ray Vaughan – ‘Riviera Paradise’ (STUDIO) | Train Fanatics Videos

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