Posted: May 11, 2015 in MUSIC
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Filmed on the band’s Spring 2015 tour, this new music video offers a candid look at life on the road with Seattle band Chastity Belt. “Joke” can be heard on Time to Go Home, out now on Hardly Art records.Take earplugs, tampons, eat air when you’re hungry and never look fanboys in the eye are the Seattle girl band’s top tips for taking the gruelling out of touring, Straight out of Seattle’s DIY scene are Chastity Belt – a slacker rock band made up of friends and females Julia Shapiro, Lydia Lund, Annie Truscott and Gretchen Grimm. Their new album, “Time to Go Home”, includes an anti-slut-shaming anthem Cool Slut. The band made the video themselves and it includes a lot of footage of gals being gals, drinking wine, skipping, dancing, playing the harp, roller blading and playing the clarinet – just your typical gal stuff.

Chastity Belt’s latest creation is “Joke”, another perfect depiction of modern femininity. In their new video – premiered below – the band give a snapshot of life on the road: drinking, driving, working out, sinking celebratory shots and taking selfies.But what else can we learn from Chastity Belt about being band chicks? To help us out, the band have knocked together a failsafe girl guide to tour survival.

What to eat while on the road
Touring can be tough on the body. You’re immobile for hours, and filling stations don’t provide the healthy, zero-sugar, low-cal, gluten-free, vegan snacks that girls like us require. To keep down the cals, when I’m feeling hungry I like to take in a big breath of air.

What to pack
Loads and loads of tampons! On the road, it’s hard to keep track of what day it is. You never know when Aunt Flow is coming to town. Our van is stocked with supersized tampons and jumbo pads, just in case Flow shows up uninvited with hefty suitcases.

How to get your beauty sleep
Make sure to pack plenty of earplugs and eye pillows. With these two key items, you can sleep wherever you want, whenever you want. Never resist the urge to fall asleep, no matter the situation. If you’re feeling tired at a show, take a nap in the back corner of a venue: anything to prevent those nasty bags under your eyes.

How to deal with fans
Avoid eye contact, especially with fanboys. Engaging with fans even the slightest bit gives them a false sense that you are on their level. You are NOT on their level. Fans are untamed animals. You have to teach them that you are completely superior if you expect them to idolise you. Unless they’re hot, actually. In which case, definitely go talk to them.

The band are about to embark on a US tour with Courtney Barnett, before headlining eight UK shows in October.

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