SAMANTHA CRAIN – ” Cold Forgiver ” Ha Ha Tonka Cover

Posted: May 3, 2015 in MUSIC
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Singer/songwriter Samantha Crain first happened upon Bloodshot Records while working at a small record store in Perryville, MO, called Music Town. She rescued a Bloodshot compilation disc from the CD bins and played it in the store on a regular basis. With that footing, it wasn’t long before Crain was digging deeper into the Bloodshot catalog to find artists like the Old 97s, Robbie Fulks, Ryan Adams, and Neko Case.

“As time went on,” she says, “I grew to love and respect a lot of records that came out on Bloodshot: Mutt from Cory Branan, Harlem River Blues from Justin Townes Earle, Indestructible Machine by Lydia Loveless, Mirepoix and Smoke from Ben Weaver, and Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon from Murder by Death.”

Flash forward to 2014 to find Samantha Crain heading out on tour with a Bloodshot band, Ha Ha Tonka. Though she didn’t know them at all before, she says, “It took approximately one second of their sound check and one second of meeting their smiling faces for me to fall in love with them. Through the two months of touring with these guys, my band members and I all found our favorite songs in the set, and mine was ‘Cold Forgiver.’ It’s such a weird little tune, with this odd sorta key change, and these bouncy lyrics lines. So, when the opportunity came to record a cover of a Bloodshot artist, this song immediately came to mind. I hope we did it justice.”

Scroll down to see Crain perform in Bloodshot Records’ HQ in Chicago, IL.

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