SAINT AGNES – ” Where The Lightening Strikes ” Live Under London

Posted: April 14, 2015 in MUSIC
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Taken from the forthcoming Ep “Live Under London”out now on Energy Snake Records

A new psych duo has formed in the urban wasteland of London that aims to bring the high and lonesome prairies into a concrete jungle. Ladies and Gentlemen, Saint Agnes has been born.

Here we have two obviously very talented people making some darn fine psycha-western rock music. They are going for a dark and dirty Wild West/Spaghetti Western kind of a sound,  Mind you, the cowboys that this might attract are more of the urban, acid dropping men in black that lurk through the streets looking for the next hip thing going down as opposed to the kind that ride horses and follow the rodeo circuit. This is Tarantino/Lynch style, warped, twisted psychedelic, Western inspired music that at moment rocks hard, heavy and Southern, and then the next drifts off into the desert, dazed by the scorching sun, dehydration, hallucinations and talking snakes territory.

Saint Agnes is a DIY project by Jon Tufnell from a band called The Lost Souls Club, and Kitty from Lola Colt, who have recorded an EP called ‘The Good Fight’ in Kitty’s basement. Both of the bands they are in are top notch, killer bands, so the talent was there and proven to begin with. And the end result is one awesome EP of well written, well played psychedelic rock. This is a DIY project that sounds better than most high budget studio albums, crammed with personality, style and intrigue. And now that they have this EP under their belt, there are plans to do some live shows in the fall, apparently.

Saint Agnes




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