KID WAVE – ” Honey “

Posted: April 3, 2015 in LEICESTER CITY VENUES, MUSIC
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Kid Wave’s swooning big rock single “Honey” reminds me of Swedish indie-pop vets Shout Out Louds—which makes a metric ton of sense, because surprise surprise, these dudes are from Sweden too. This anthemic song, which sounds like a gentler Oasis at times, is from the band’s forthcoming LP Wanderlust, which drops June 2nd via Heavenly Recordings.

“I remember wanting to write something with drive, something that would just keep moving forward, on and on like a train,” commented the band’s singer/songwriter Lea Emmery  “I’m a sucker for that sound and guitars chewing on the same chords. I find a sound or chord I like (often a lot of open strings) and like to keep it simple. As a person I tend to write and talk in really long sentences, like I think. But with music, its almost the opposite. I think we all need to float away from reality sometimes, some people more than others. Some do drugs, some dream, some overload themselves with work, some people do all of these and some don’t do anything. This song was written after some lonely years when every day felt the same and my own thoughts like my only companion. I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer and during this time I was probably living more of a fictional life in my head than in reality. But I think it kept me going.”



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