RYLEY WALKER – ” Sweet Satisfaction ” and ” Primrose Green “

Posted: March 5, 2015 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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His full-length debut, ” All Kinds Of You”, came out less than a year ago, 25-year-old Ryley Walker is already returning with a follow up release titled  “Primrose Green” in April . Ryley Walker has been getting his fair share of positive attention, often focusing on his guitar playing and the unique and unpredictable forms his vocal melodies and song structures take. Despite being raised in the industrial Northern Illinois town of Rockford and cutting his teeth in Chicago’s noise-rock scene, the other constant with Walker is that people always want to compare him to ’60s and ’70s folk musicians like Nick Drake, Bert Jansch, John Martyn, and Tim Buckley.

When I received Primrose Green, I was pretty floored. All Kinds Of You was gorgeous and accomplished, but Walker’s new one is a leap forward. Working closely with a band partially composed of Chicago jazz musicians, Walker wound up with this sprawling, expansive record prone to wandering into mesmerizing passages dominated by psychedelic and jazz overtones. It took me a few listens to find my way into it, to develop a route through the album’s various twists and turns, but once I did, Primrose Green has quickly became among my favourite listens of this year so early into 2015. Ryley Walker is one of those guys who just loves playing guitar and trying to find something new with it. His tradition is more or less the kind that’s based on defying forms and seeing how far out-there the music can be pushed. His live show is supposed to be revelatory,

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