SCREAMING FEMALES – ” Tour Documentary ” By Lance Bangs

Posted: March 4, 2015 in MUSIC
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New Brunswick trio Screaming Females are back with a blistering new record—”Rose Mountain”you can check out the premiere for “Hopeless” here. They strike the perfect sweet spot between punkish angst and melodic pop nous.

Legendary filmmaker and music documentarian Lance Bangs followed the band on tour and here’s part one for your viewing pleasure. Singer Marissa Paternoster admits sleep is her ultimate drug (we hear you), but their live shows are anything but a snooze. In the van, at home, in a basement, in bed, Bangs shadows the band wherever they happen to be to paint an intimate picture of Screaming Females, including Paternoster opening up about her struggle with Fibromyalgia. Just watch.

In the second part of this Lance Bangs-directed on the road doc, New Brunswick trio Screaming Trees open up about their inter-band dynamics, what lies behind the lyrics, plus we venture behind the bloody scenes of their recent video for “Hopeless.” They know Walmarts across 48 states like the back of their hands.


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