LUKE DANIELS – ” Whats Here Whats Gone “

Posted: February 13, 2015 in MUSIC
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Whilst the emergence of Luke Daniels as a singer songwriter may have caught some flat footed, it perhaps shouldn’t come as a total surprise. He may well have staked a claim to fame as a melodeon player of considerable repute, with the likes of Ian Anderson, De Dannan, as part of the Riverdance band and as a mainstay in Cara Dillon’s combo, but along the way he has recorded several albums under his own name and in tandem with others. It all points towards a wellspring of creativity that you could argue was always heading towards “What’s Here What’s Gone”. While the clues are there, however, the really pleasant surprise is what a bold and accomplished album this is, great songs, a sumptuous sound, containing at its heart a burgeoning philosophy, which adds a whole other level at which this record works.


Over the course of a twenty-year career Daniels has already earned his place on the UK Folk scene as a virtuoso melodeon player with the likes of Riverdance, De Dannan and Ian Anderson. Whilst performing with his own band at The London Jazz Festival, The Royal Festival Hall and festivals in the UK and internationally. Luke also worked alongside Howard Shore and The London Philharmonic Orchestra as a soloist on the movie soundtracks for Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

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