GARTH HUDSON – ” Garth Largo “

Posted: February 6, 2015 in MUSIC
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In a group simply stuffed with master musicians, Garth Hudson was the Band’s unquestioned virtuoso — as adept at his signature organ as he was a saxophone as he was a synthesizer as he was the accordion. In keeping, his enduring wit and creativity has been rightly celebrated across all manner of disciplines. Still, there’s more to find, more to discover and marvel over, as heard here in what may be Garth Hudson’s least-heralded triumph.

“Garth Largo” finds Hudson once again on sax, as well as synth as well as accordion as well as organ, using every element of his enduring genius to reconceptualize a classical piece by Antonin Dvorak. Sister Maud, Garth Hudson’s long-time wife and musical partner, adds a gospel-inspired vocal to complete things. The results are humbling in their scope, and thrilling in their emotional depth.

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