THIS IS THE KIT – ” Bashed Out “

Posted: February 5, 2015 in MUSIC
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Kate Stables has been recording music as This Is The Kit for years now, but this is probably one of the first times you’re reading about her. “Bashed Out” will be her third full-length album, and since Aaron Dessner and the National stumbled into one of her shows by happenstance and immediately fell for her sound, it will also likely be her breakout. The record is coming out via Dessner’s own Brassland label the title track  “Bashed Out” digs into the mud, muck, and shit of life, Kate Stables sings and plays guitar, trumpet, percussion and banjo throughout the record, but you’ll especially notice the way she handles a banjo, turning an often hackneyed sound into a thing of delicacy. In some ways, it seems like successful artists have morphed into the only useful A&R forces, and if I could, I’d personally thank the Dessners for unearthing Stables. You might remember Sharon Van Etten also shouted out This Is The Kit a few years ago as her favorite new artist — Stables This Is The Kit has opened for Van Etten, Jose Gonzales, Jeffrey Lewis, Alexi Murdoch, Iron & Wine, and the National.

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