Posted: January 31, 2015 in MUSIC
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Music video by Sunflower Bean performing “2013”,For Sunflower Bean, three New York City teenagers who released their debut EP “Show Me Your Seven Secrets” this week, they’ve played their hazy, psychedelic garage rock in over 50 shows in the city this past year. And they’ve already caught the attention of the New York Times, NPR and Interview Magazine. In a Brooklyn sea of dream-pop and indie-rock, Sunflower Bean wants to bring back some good, old-fashioned rock-‘n’-roll. The trio—comprised of Julia Cumming (also a runway model), Nick Kivlen, and Jacob Farber—have taken it upon themselves to make up their own version of rock-‘n’-roll for the digital age. Drawing from lo-fi sounds and dark rock and psychedelic undertones, Sunflower Bean’s music is not as delicate as the band’s name might lead you to believe: it’s sultry and hypnotic.


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