Posted: January 29, 2015 in MUSIC
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Ultimate Painting’s wonderful new single “Riverside,” as taken from their 2014 debut self-titled album,  It’s a fabulous tune and a definite winner on anyone’s playlist. Performed by a new English duo Ultimate Painting  and “Riverside” (Trouble in Mind Records) caught me by surprise with its haunting, jangly, flowing melody. There’s a definite amalgam of the Beatles meets the Velvet Underground, with a Village Green-era of The Kinks influence happening here as well.

Ultimate Painting’s “Riverside” is one of those songs which drift slowly into your head, and it’s hard to resist a replay. I can see this superbly home-recorded track being played in the spring and summertime as well.

Ultimate Painting would do better to head in the direction of this song in particular for the recording of their already-in-progress second album, versus staying in the alternative rock/strictly Velvet Underground direction of their debut. Check out the wonderful music video created for “Riverside” from an old Super 8 family film, something that will bring back good memories of childhood for many.

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