STEVE GUNN – ” Live At Rough Trade ” 11th January 2015

Posted: January 29, 2015 in MUSIC
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Steve Gunn a new phenomenal guitarist the Philadelphian reared on punk, but now he is expanding his repertoire into blues, folk and country with his intricate finger picking on his Guild 1970 guitar, he was a bassist in a pretty hardcore band but last year he toured as part of Kurt Vile’s Violators band, his new album “Way out Weather” out this week.  Way Out Weather: Hot on the heels of last year’s fantastic Time Off, Way Out Weather is a tour de force filled with a seemingly endless array of awesome guitar tones, fantastic interplay and powerful songwriting. It’s Gunn’s most lushly produced effort to date, and this approach works out perfectly — it’s a record you’ll get lost in, whether you’re playing it at home or taking it for a spin on the open road (we highly recommend the latter).

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