JAMES VINCENT McMORROW – ” Post Tropical ” Best Albums Of 2014

Posted: January 29, 2015 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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post tropical

Irishman James Vincent McMorrow, who released a folk-ish album in 2011 called “Early in the Morning” that topped the charts in his home country. While the songwriting for this follow-up isn’t radically different from his debut’s slower moments, he’s flipped the script entirely in a stylistic sense, moving into a space somewhere between How to Dress Well’s falsetto choirs and the winter wonderlands of Bon Iver’s For “Emma, Forever Ago”.

The real magic is in his voice, or rather voices: Possessed of a sky-scraping falsetto that draws audible gasps from crowds at his shows, he often begins these songs quietly around gentle keyboard chords that build and grow as he piles on the harmonies, turning virtually whispered melodies into giant crescendos with lush, wordless backdrops sung by armies of overdubbed McMorrows. At no point does his voice drop anywhere near a standard male range. Both chilly and warm, soulful and soft, “Post Tropical” is an intricate ice sculpture of an album, and a fantasy come true for anyone who’s ever misted up over Maxwell’s version of “This Woman’s Work.”

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