LANTERNS on the LAKE – ” Until the Colours Run “

Posted: January 5, 2015 in MUSIC
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Lantern On The Lake second album “Until the Colours Run” is borne of loss, turmoil and doubt on every level: Adam and Brendan Sykes left the UK quintet following their 2011 debut “Gracious Tide, Take Me Home”, the remaining members were scrambling to finish the record with almost no financial resources. Singer Hazel Wilde has cited the grim economic outlook of her homeland as a main lyrical influence. And so, there you have itUntil the Colours Run” certainly doesn’t lack for external drama, serving as both a make-or-break album and a reintroduction. This is progress for Lanterns on the Lake, based on Paul Gregory’s string-laden arrangements and production. “Until the Colours Run” is warmer and more organic than its predecessor, though still squarely within indie rock’s “baroque” settings, nearly every component given a pleasingly faded luster: silvery guitar figures that twinkle, glisten and decay, echoing drums that sound both intimidating and fragile, a sobering layer of reverb over Wilde’s vocals. Whether it’s the all-out, crescendoing assaults of “Elodie” or the one-take piano ballad “Green & Gold“, Until the Colours Run always bears the weight of its struggles, expressing even its joy in antiquated and Americanized imagery of unemployment lines and buffalos; as indicated by the record’s key line of “we’ll drink and sing on the breadline,” happiness rarely exists on its own terms, but rather as a counter to exceedingly difficult circumstances.

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