L.A WITCH – ” Get Lost “

Posted: January 4, 2015 in MUSIC
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all-girl americana blues, folk, garage, lo-fi psych psychedelic, dirty distorted country,punk rock drone minimalist band from Los Angeles Imagine Kim Deal influenced by Nirvana (rather than the other way around) with images of Gun Club ‘Fire Of Love’ era and early X”  haunted surf rock trip blues. The fuzzy psych rock band L.A. Witch   highlights of 2014, being a positive influence for girls in the L.A. rock scene.


“REVERB-SOAKED PUNKED-OUT ROCK” is how Los Angeles based trio, L.A. Witch describes their sound but there’s so much more to them than that. I don’t think it can even be summed up in a phrase, honestly. They’ve been bringing their unique mixture of dark blues, psychedelic punk rock to the table since 2011 and have been only improving with every performance. Their sound is completely their own and every listen is a new experience. All elements involved are perfectly blended, and none too overwhelming for the listener. With vocalist’s Sade Sanchez’s powerfully haunting vocals, bassist Irita Pai’s cogently sonorous chords, and drummer Ellie English is almost like the calm guide in this wild adventure, demonstrating how less actually IS more with her consistently supportive drums, adding the perfect measurement to their chemistry. Not to mention their AMAZING lyrics. L.A. Witch is an act you definitely need to check out ASAP. Think leather jackets, a dimly lit bar with cheesy Jim Morrison artwork, motorcycles, just rocking out and having a good time.

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