LOCAL NATIVES – ” You and I “

Posted: December 24, 2014 in MUSIC
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I caught Local Natives four maybe five times last year and they played wonderous sets the band seemed to be in overdrive and performances were just incredible, great musicians with greater songs.

Local Natives (previously known as Cavil at Rest) is an indie rock band based in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, USA. Their debut album, “Gorilla Manor, was first released in the UK in November 2009Their sound has been described as “afro-pop influenced guitars with hyperactive drumming and hooky three-part harmonies”. also described their style as psych folk, or new fangled folk.

At Lollapalooza the band announced that they built a new studio and are working on completing their second full length album, “Hummingbird“, which was released January 2013. produced by Aaron Dessner of The National, and though it has departed from the “battle-cry urgency” of Gorilla Manor, singer/guitarist Taylor Rice doesn’t look at ‘Hummingbird’ as a darker album pointing out moments of optimism, and attributing the altered subject matter to the changes and emotions that have come in the last few years since their debut.

In August of 2014, at a concert in Salt Lake City, Utah, as part of the Twilight Concert Series, the band announced that they had already begun work on their third studio album.


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