C. DUNCAN – ” And I “

Posted: December 20, 2014 in MUSIC
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From the city of Glasgow.C Duncan (vocals, music). Christopher to his parents, who are both classical musicians – has made a record that includes a good few contenders for the seasonal top spot. Breathtakingly hushed, quasi-hymns .Duncan is a composer and musician based in Glasgow with a degree in composition from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland – not to mention a part-time visual artist – who has had music placed on various TV programs, most recently Waterloo Road on BBC1. He has also had his pieces performed by the likes of the Icebreaker ensemble and the Sirens of Titan choir. And he has just completed a debut album for FatCat Records, which will be due out in 2015, that will blow you away with its awed atmosphere and reverential sense of rapture.


For, the lead track,  It opens with whistling and guitar, and instantly conjures the wintry and desolate soundscape. “And I” – but doesn’t appear to be on the album, is from another realm of anguished beauty. “Here in my lonely room,” he sings, his voice exquisite and unearthly boyish and suffused with sorrow. He harmonises with himself,  The notes he plucks on his guitar are so affecting, he seems to be in touch with a sadness that passes all understanding. there is a track called “Silence and Air”, featuring a fuller, lusher arrangement, with ghostly voices and strings, even some more handclaps. It’s breathy, breathtaking sort of thing.

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