SLAVES – ” Where’s Your Car Debbie “

Posted: December 1, 2014 in MUSIC
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Slaves a two-piece. Garage band from London, Isaac Holman and Laurie Vincent: one shouts and bangs the drums standing up, the other plays great, fat metal riffs from his guitar. They look like two overgrown truants from the rough part of town, but if you shut your eyes this is what the Black Keys might have sounded like had they been raised on Shane Meadows films – wry, suburban disaffection, like Sleaford Mods but with less swearing;

Slaves have been making a nasty racket around London town for a while now, but they’re finally shouting loud enough for people’s ignorant ears to prick up. As a duo, they manage to carry the might of bands like Death From Above 1979 and Winnebago Deal, exuding enough fuzz to fry brain cells. Also, as there’s only two of them, it’s easy enough to remember their names. After hearing the lairy, arrogant charms of Ceasefire, you’d be forgiven for thinking Slaves are bunch of snarling, Camden-dwelling cider-punks. So when I was met by two smartly-dressed, quietly pleasant lads from Kent, I felt confused and slightly relieved. They mix ‘77 style British punk with harsh bluesy garage riffs, as infectious as they are confrontational. They’ve just finished a on a 10-date UK tour with Drenge, Blew  everyone away at Y Not festival with an awesome set and are about to tour with the NME Awards tour with Amazing Snakeheads Fat White Family

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