ELVIS COSTELLO – ” Blood and Chocolate ” Released 15th September 1986

Posted: September 15, 2014 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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costellobloodand choc

Released this day in 1986 this was Elvis Costello’s 11th album release featuring the singles “Tokoyo Storm Warning” and ” I Want You” and “Blue Chair” which was a recorded version from the T Bone Burnett recordings for “King Of America” released on Demon Records and the last for this company with his contract ending with Costello signing to Warners for the next album “Spike”. This was the album that followed “King Of America” It also reunited him with the Attractions and producer Nick Lowe. recorded in March to May in 1986 at Olympic Studios in North London the band recording live in the studio in a stage setting at high volume. Some of the songs were outtakes from the L.A sessions for “King Of America” “Blue Chair”, “I Hope Youre Happy” now and “American Without Tears No2” had been recorded with the Confederates with T-Bone Burnett producing, strangely Costello also uses different names his actual own name Declan McManus and his alto ego Napolean Dynamite for the credits.

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