REM – ” The Complete Unplugged 1991-2001 ”

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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REM delivered two superb performances on the MTV Unplugged Sessions in the acoustic format firstly in 1991 and then again in 2001 which gave them the distinction of being the only band to headline this programme twice, This set includes both sessions plus a further eleven songs never aired. The 1991 set is around at the time of the “OUT OF TIME” album the band were becoming the biggest band in the world at that time with favourites “Losing My Relegion” “Low” and “Radio Song” the remaining songs are from five albums over a eight year period, Five songs were heard for the first time.
REM then made a second appearance in 2001 without the original drummer Bill Berry, this set focused on the 12th studio album “REVEAL” and a further songs from eight different albums, it includes six songs that were never broadcast its interesting that there is a good number of older and some obscure songs particulary “CURAHOGA” from the LIFES RICH PAGEANT

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