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On their self-titled full-length, Richmond’s Young Scum use gentle, infectious indie pop to sketch out the contours of the quarter-life crisis: the first time in a youthful life when it becomes apparent that both action and inaction do, in fact, have consequences beyond the immediate moment. More concisely, Young Scum is a record about the dawning awareness that one’s life doesn’t just have a future, but a past that will only grow longer with each passing day. The band sets the tone with opening track “Wasting Time,” which features a mess of jangly guitars and wistful lyrics lamenting: “Can I sleep knowing there’s another missed chance?/ No I can’t.”

This is a lovely, empathetic record that treats ennui, idealism and disillusionment with a light touch, hewing close to indie pop’s core qualities of intimacy and vulnerability while offering a self-aware maturity and sympathy for its subject matter that feels right for the current moment. Yet despite its overall softness, there’s a determination and velocity to Young Scum’s music that peaks on “Itchy Sweater,” a track that’s as close to “shambling” as the band gets on the record, and showcases their talent for lyrically navigating the porous borderlands of the interior and exterior worlds, the past and the present, optimism and disappointment: “Itchy from my sweater/ I hope this gets better/ I spoke to remember/ You spoke to forget.”


Getting old is inevitable. And in the latter half of your 20s, it begins to finally set in. things that you once enjoyed now seem like a waste of time, a reminder of how little time you have. Sharing the same power poppy jangle of their previous EP ‘Zona’, this 8 track album further showcases Young Scum’s ability to craft pop songs that have you dancing along and then maybe shedding a tear afterward. Songs about losing friends, having shitty jobs, freaking out about your future, and of course wasting time.

released July 6th, 2018

Young Scum is:
Chris Smith: vocals, guitar
Ben Medcalf: guitar
Brian Dove: bass
Caleb Knight: drums
Additional vocals: Ali Mislowsky
Taylor Haag plays drums on this record thoughout!