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Creepoid is a dreamy rock band who use shoegaze and grunge to create a heavy, expansive sound.¬†When Philadelphia foursome Creepoid (Anna and Pat Troxell, Pete Joe Urban and Sean Miller) convened last winter and recorded the EP Yellow Life Giver, they did not foresee the blog buzz coming their way. That’s not the case on the rock band’s debut LP, Horse Heaven, which features more defined melodies, intimate female-male vocals and instrumentals that burst at the seams.

Creepoid took the stage. They played as if they were reviving the grunge-filled chaos of Sonic Youth circa ’93, but with the finesse of mid-period Creation Records shoegaze acts like Swervedriver or Slowdive. The sound was full of fury, but the dual vocals of guitarist Sean Miller and bassist Anna Troxell soared like an airy wave that enveloped the listener in a blanket of sweet nothings.”


Band Members
Sean Miller – Guitar/Vocals
Anna Troxell – Bass/Vocals
Pat Troxell – Drums
Pete Joe Urban – Guitar