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Miranda Winters is a song-writer and musician best known for her role as the indomitable vocalist / guitarist of Chicago powerhouse, Melkbelly. Drawing on deep roots as a song-writer in Chicago DIY, Winters continues to evolve a signature sound by pursuing her music as a solo artist.

Miranda Winters currently fronts the chaotically good Chicago band Melkbelly, and before that she had her hand in a number of other different projects, including Coffin Ships and a solo endeavor called Flowers Everywhere. Last week, she released the first tape under her own name, titled Xobeci, What Grows Here?.

The songs on it have the same confidence that she exhibits while helming Melkbelly, but distill that into songs that sound skeletal but textured. There’s a sense that some of these, like the penultimate “Glitter House” or “With Love From St. Fake, WI (P.A.M.),” could mutate into one of Melkbelly’s signature squalls with the right ingredients, but the restraint that Winters demonstrates allows her lyricism and sour melodicism to really shine.

They also all act as showcases for Winters’ circuitous guitar skills, which can get lost amongst her main band, but here serve as particular highlights, like on the wiry outro to “A Handy Garden Plot” or with the gentle pluckings of closer “O.T.O Revised.” Winters’ solo material has a way of hooking you in


Released June 15th, 2018

All songs by Miranda Winters
Miranda Winters – guitar and vocals

Xobeci, What Grows Here? is out now via Sooper Records.