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Portland’s Wild Ones drop their infectious pop album “Mirror Touch” off Topshelf Records today. The record, inspired by the condition “Mirror-Touch synesthesia,” explores themes of isolation, loneliness, and the self. In celebration of their latest release, we’re excited to share the music video for “Standing In The Back At Your Show.” The dreamy track sonically captures the messy, beginning stages of new love when you’re simultaneously hyper aware of and intoxicated by every single fleeting interaction.
Danielle Sullivan of Wild Ones on Mirror Touch: and the band’s songwriting process

Mirror Touch considers the boundaries between self and other when creating art. How do you know yourself when there are a thousand voices considering every angle, analyzing every choice? On this record there are love songs, anxious songs, and songs of isolation. My favorite pop songs contain heartache in seductive packaging, like some kind of emotional Trojan horse. This is our version. It took us two years to make and we went through multiple renditions of everything. What you have now is our truest, most honest expression of the last few years. We’re happy to share it with you.”

troggs 1


The Troggs took this song to number two in the UK charts in 1966 and a number one slot in the USA, written by a New York songwriter Chip Taylor the B side was the song “A Girl Like You” originally recorded by The Wild Ones, possibly the song was made even more famous by the Jimi Hendrix performance at Montery in 1967, but the song has been covered by countless bands

Excellent version of this John Prine Cover