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Toothless is the solo project of Bombay Bicycle Club’s Ed Nash. On his latest single, produced by the always in-demand Chris Coady, he teams up with the Staves, the artful folk-rock sister trio and Bon Iver associates .

Ed Nash’s latest music released under his new Toothless moniker. Having spent the past ten years playing bass in Bombay Bicycle Club, he’s been dreaming up this self-produced solo project for a while and has already released the cinematic and starry tune “Terra”, a slow-mover that is an absolute pleasure to sink into. This time round, Ed has called on label buddy Marika Hackman to join him on Palm’s Backside, a beautiful Belle & Sebastian-alike duet that tells of times shared, hands held, moments captured and love lost.


“The Sirens” finds Nash and the Stavely-Turner sisters flexing their harmonic powers over icy electronic rock production. This is an earlier couple of tracks one remixed by Darby of the Brooklyn band the Antlers also featuring another singer songwriter with vocals from Marika Hackman  the effect is something like one of Sufjan Stevens’ early folk-rock epics transposed into his mid-career digital phase — only smoother, sleeker, and more propulsive


Toothless is the solo project of Bombay Bicycle Club’s Ed Nash, whose new track ‘The Sirens’ features Folk-Rock sister trio and Bon Iver associates The Staves. With the new album now complete and due for release early next year, Ed is set to play it start to finish later this month in London –  with a few surprises and guest’s thrown in!

Director Kit Monteith, who made the video alongside Joseph Keirs and Sef Tedder, We spent “4 sleepless nights in Ibiza trying to show the island’s surreal and seductive qualities in ways that have never been done before. When one thinks of Ibiza, particularly when it appears in music videos, its all beach parties, clubs and heteronormative perspectives.

“We wanted to show a stranger side; full of surprises, gender fluidity and mystical abandon. We’ve tried to show a ‘normal’ guy’s journey into a world of hedonism; where he is chewed up and spat out by the Sirens of the island where it’s always unclear who is using who?