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  • New from the Bruce Springsteen Archives, transferred from the stereo reel-to-reel tapes via the Plangent Process and mastered at Gateway Mastering.  HD files are 24 bit / 192 kHz.
  • I found the seven Agora tape reels in a box that had been returned from the Rock’n Roll Hall Of Fame.  The tapes were part of an exclusive Springsteen exhibit “Asbury Park to the Promised Land”.  It wasn’t until the request to release this show came up that the tapes needed to be found.  Not at Sony, not at Thrill Hill Archives, not at the archiving company.  Last known location was the Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame.  They informed me what box to look in and there they were, marked with the original indication of speed, tracks and show date.I had the tapes delivered to Plangent Processes for evaluation and transfer, if they seemed to be of adequate quality.  After comparison to other copies of this show, this was the best version and potentially the original master tapes. Plangent transferred all seven reels using their unique process, which corrects any speed variations for accurate playback.  This eliminates the wow and flutter usually found in the playback of any analog tape.  This new transfer to the digital domain was done at 192 (samples per second) with 24 bit resolution.  The resulting digital files were sent to Gateway Mastering for evaluation and mastering, as was done to the Box Set Volume 1, recently released to critical acclaim.  The resulting new master will give a renewed vigor to the already exciting show.
  • Just over a month after Bruce Springsteen launched his archival concert project, the E Street Band rocker has updated the download service with one of the most in-demand gigs from his legendary “Darkness on the Edge of Town” jaunt: An August 9th, 1978 performance from Cleveland, Ohio’s Agora Theatre and Ballroom.The Agora show was originally simulcast in its entirety by local rock station WMMS to celebrate that radio station’s 10th anniversary, The concert kicks off with a rendition of Eddie Cochran’s “Summertime Blues” before Springsteen and the E Street Band deliver a setlist packed with Darkness tracks mixed with covers like “Gloria,” “Not Fade Away” and concert closer “Twist and Shout.” The Agora show also features the unique Darkness tour second set opener “Paradise By the ‘C’.”As the concert was broadcast over the radio, bootleg copies of the gig have circulated for years, giving it a near-mythological reputation among fans. However, this archival release marks the first time the performance has been officially released. The concert offers pristine sound quality thanks to a stereo mix cultivated from seven 1/4-inch reels  that Springsteen’s concert archivist Toby Scott unearthed after repeated requests to release the concert “I found the seven Agora tape reels in a box that had been returned from the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame,
  • The Agora concert is available to download now at, while CD copies of the live album will start shipping January 23rd 2015.