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“Living among uncertainty can make you forget that certainty is everywhere, all around us. Courtney Barnett’s first two albums told stories of the tiny splinters that pull on the very fabric of the world: The way panic attacks and unmoored comments and unsightly, unseemly vistas can make knots and tears that are impossible not to fixate on. Her third album steps back, takes a breath, takes a beat, asks you not to fixate on the little things.

It’s quieter and smaller than you might expect from Courtney. If you don’t like it — although you probably will — it’s no big deal; just give it another go tomorrow. “Things Take Time, Take Time” is finely woven, soft to the touch; spanning 10 wide-eyed, open-hearted vignettes, it traces the gentle arc of a life, forgoing pithy detail in favour of generous scene setting and graceful character development.

It’s an object of beauty made for everyday use and, like most things of that ilk, a lot of work went into it, emotionally and physically. My new song If I Don’t Hear From You Tonight is out now! The video clip was directed by Claire Marie Vogel and filmed in Landers. Thanks to Stella Mozgawa and Cate Le Bon who played on this song and appear in the video clip.

Things Take Time, Take Time is an assured leap forward for Barnett; a breakthrough really. This is Barnett at her most relaxed, creative and joyful. An exquisite look at the intimate, private world created by Barnett and her producer Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint, Sharon Van Etten, Kurt Vile). It’s consequently her most beautiful and intimate record to date.

the new album ‘Things Take Time, Take Time’ released 12th November 2021