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recorded for the Born to Run sessions possibly as a demo, this early version of the opening song is dark and moody Springsteen accompanies himself on acoustic guitar with a lot of echo on the vocal.

An outtake from the Darkness On The Edge of Town session in 1977 with shimmering reverb laden guitar and a sole tambourine and shakers from Clarence Clemons, it starts slowly and builds a vocal that radiates a sexual tension, This is a track that could have been easily left on the finished cut and stands against anything on that album

An outtake from the Born in the USA sessions 1983, The session that Ultimately produced Born In the USA took place in fits and starts over a three year peroid during that time Bruce had headed to his Los Angeles home with a drum machine and recorded the Nebraska Album the cluster of songs from this breif creative outburst. Unsatisfied Heart is the most enigmatic

An outtake from the Darkness on the Edge Of Town Sessions in 1978, earliest versions of the song date back to 1972, when there was a studio piano demo this take was attempted in 1978.
After hearing the song title Warren Zevon was inspired to write his own song using the same title which Springsteen helped him finish.