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Son Volt was one of the most instrumental and influential bands in launching the alt-country movement of the 1990’s. The Search takes Jay Farrar’s signature juxtapositions of the arcane and the modern to provocative extremes, contrasting the blue highways of a disappearing cultural landscape with a perilous world in which the center no longer holds – a world of information overload, of clueless leaders carrying out sinister agendas, of “Hurricanes in December – earthquakes in the heartland / Bad air index on a flashing warning sign,” as the artist sings ruefully on “The Picture.” Originally released in 2007, and out of print for the past several years, this deluxe reissue of The Search features bonus content and comes pressed on colored double vinyl.

The 22-track reissue features all of the original tracks plus songs from the band’s 2007 vinyl-only “On Chant and Strum”. Available via CD, digital and a double-LP opaque sea foam green pressing, this release has been sequenced to mirror “On Chant and Strum”