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London trio Shopping have been steadily if quietly making a name for themselves on the strength of two albums of taut, agitated, yet catchy post-punk in the vein of The Raincoats, The Slits and Au Pairs (or more recent groups like Erase Errata). There’s nothing overtly moody or dramatic about what they do, which is a refreshing thing to hear amid a good solid 15 years of Unknown Pleasures worship. Early single “The Hype” is proof that their less-is-more approach is not only effective, but memorable, with rhythms and hooks that hold up well on repeat listens. We’re in an age ripe for some system-upsetting post-punk, it might as well groove too.

Shopping follows up 2015’s Why Choose with The Official Body, a play on words referencing institutional bodies of government as well as the limited selection of physical bodies that are deemed “acceptable” by the general society. It’s a fitting metaphor for a band whose stark, jagged, dance-punk sounds like a giant middle finger to the established order, and whose status as a band fronted by a queer woman of color is in itself a political stand.

The 10 tracks here are audacious, funky, and have that element of outsider-cool leftover from the heyday of influences like Delta 5, Gang of Four and ESG. Opening cut “The Hype” is lean, danceable and hi-hat heavy, the funky-fresh bass line and stuttering guitar enough to get anyone in possession of a nervous system out on the floor.

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