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Number 7 in the Fuzz Club Records 10″ split single series brings together The Myrrors (US) and Cult Of Dom Keller (UK). There is certainly something mysterious about The Myrrors. Their first album “Burning Circles in the Sky,” was recorded in 2008″, but only saw a physical release late in 2013 (Fuzz Club Records) after becoming what can be considered a YouTube “hit” in the underground scene with millions of views.  Their critical acclaimed second album “Arena Negra” was released on Beyond Beyond and Beyond in 2015 and the band was invited to play “Levitation Austin 2015” the incarnation of Austin Psych Fest. Nottingham based DIY sonic alchemists Cult Of Dom Keller have been creating whacked out soundscapes and songs that appear to have been born from another universe, all from the confines of their sonic bunker. The group have gained most ground in the past year after a line-up change in December of 2013, at first being joined on bass by Jason Holt (lead guitarist in Pete ‘Sonic Boom’ Kember’s post-Spacemen 3 group ‘Spectrum’), and then later completed by Al Burns on drums.


There’s more than a hint of mystery surrounding The Myrrors, the impossible-to-define sonic-shaman hailing from the Tucson, Arizona. The mystery, however, feels far from manufactured – it would appear to exist naturally within the band’s collective DNA, a double-helix of third-eye vision that informs their every note. 

Certainly, there’s something mysterious about the band’s first album, “Burning Circles in the Sky,” given that it was recorded “sometime in 2008” (as stated by The Myrrors themselves), but only saw release late in 2013. And there’s something mysterious about the constant hum of activity that has defined the band in the months since “Burning Circles” was released – a hum that includes adding two more releases to their fast-growing catalog, along with an invitation to appear at “Levitation,” the 2015 incarnation of Austin Psych Fest.

Yet with the release of Arena Negra – the band’s first release for Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records – there are signs that the mystery has been solved. Put another way, there may have never been a mystery to solve in the first place. As the forty-two minute journey unfolds, it becomes abundantly clear that The Myrrors are simply one of the most compelling bands on the planet at the moment, whether their records are arriving three times a year, or only every three years. 

The Myrrors sound is one of urgency, but urgency not beholden to velocity. From the twelve-minute Arena Negra title track that opens the album (by slowly slithering out of the ground and into the air), to the twenty-minute inhumanly heavy album closer, “The Forward Path,” it’s immediately apparent that the band has captured completely the sound of shackles being shed. “Arena Negra” comes on strong, as clearly, evenly and undeniably as the very light that enters your eyes, fueled by a heroic dose of Bardo Pond-esque levels of elevation and amplification.

Arena Negra is – both by turns and, miraculously, all at once – dramatic, reflective, ecstatic and otherworldly. It’s the work of craftsmen and the cosmos, equally, dialed-in to accurately reflect immensity and awe.

Arena Negra by The Myrrors is released March 25th by Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records. It’s stunning.