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The most ambitious thing that Titus Andronicus nerve center Patrick Stickles did this year: poured 30 years of life experience and struggle with manic depression into 2015’s most sprawling and ragged rock album, a five-act, quasi-autobiographical opera that spans 29 tracks and 93 minutes, the set relishes in splashy piano licks and weary guitar sprints. The Most Lamentable Tragedy is so bold and uncompromising that it has retroactively turned 2010’s The Monitor — a critically lauded concept album infused with Civil War imagery — into Titus’ second-most challenging and grandiose LP; that’s no small feat. The official video for “Fatal Flaw” by Titus Andronicus from the album ‘The Most Lamentable Tragedy,’ released  July 28th, 2015 from Merge Records. The Band will be playing at the Nottingham Bodega .

To those with a soft spot for rock’n’roll ideology — be it arena or indie — Titus Andronicus are likely the keepers of the flame; to less sentimental types (or those actively looking to kill the previous generation’s idols) they probably represent everything that’s exhausting and outmoded about rock music. This is the kind of band that inspires reactions that strong — and sentences this overstuffed. Their mixture of self-indulgence and sincere sense of camaraderie is both their appeal and repellant; their overzealous dedication to the airing of grievances is both their fatal flaw and their greatest asset