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The Courtneys II arrives as the band themselves are on something of an ascent. In the three years since their self-titled debut, The Courtneys have signed with their dream label renowned New Zealand giant Flying Nun and have netted slots opening for Tegan and Sara and mac DeMarco. In that context, II feels like a collage of moments, the band reviewing the highs and lows of their journey so far, with their eyes fixed firmly on the horizon.

A rarity in contemporary surf rock. Where their counterparts—and, for that matter, their forerunners—are chiefly concerned with both brevity and blown-out instrumentals, The Courtneys are deliberate and unabashedly heartfelt. Underneath all the fuzz and reverb on their second album, The Courtneys II, there are honest displays of emotion.


On the blissful “Tour,” the band is determined to remain optimistic, even during long periods of “slacking off and hitting the open road.” “If it’s in your heart, you’ll find a way,” they sing, “who you are and who you wanna be can take a long time.” Songs like “Virgo” and “25” use buoyant, punched-up slacker pop to explore feelings of isolation and the headaches of having a crush. And it’s not all growing pains and heartbreak; on “Lost Boys,” the trio schemes to find a vampire boyfriend with whom they can ride off into the sunset.


Crazy Courtney: Bass + backup vocals
Classic Courtney: Guitar + backup vocals
Cute Courtney: Drums + lead vocals

Flying Nun Records

The Courtneys probably have more fun than 90 percent of bands around. These past couple of months, we’ve already been mesmerized by both the song and video for “Silver Velvet,” and they keep up the good vibes with their new song, “Tour.” The track is bassy as hell, the band all jamming along when the guitars come in and pushing things into overdrive. There’s a nostalgic bent to the song, reminding you of wistful days of youth. It’s all swept up by sweet riffing and super sugary vocals — there’s a nice time to be had here no matter who you are.


Their upcoming record The Courtneys II via Flying Nun.


The Courtneys, 'II'

The Courtneys may hail from Vancouver, British Columbia, but they’re New Zealanders at heart. Lifelong admirers of the Flying Nun Stable of signees like the Clean and the Dead C, the trio specializes in the sunny power-pop endemic to the Down Under label, with a twist of garage punk thrown in for good measure. Following 2013’s self-titled debut, the Courtneys have signed to the storied label for their sophomore album, The Courtneys II, came out February. (They’re the first non-New Zealand act to ink to Flying Nun in its 35-year history.)

Three Vancouver women bashing out scruffy surf-guitar tunes, an album you can spin all day, with an almost automatic “press play, feel lifted” effect. Every song makes me think “right, I love this one” when it comes on. The inexplicably poignant “Mars Attacks,” despite the joke title, might be the first song ever to build on the elegiac nuance of the mid-period B-52s circa Whammy, while “Lost Boys” is a mash note to the ultimate “vampire teenage boyfriend.”

Our first glimpse of next year’s LP arrives in the form of a feedback-laden, nonstop sugar rush that lands somewhere between Courtney Barnett and Crowded House. There’s no comedown here — just a cavalcade of exuberant guitar highs and deliriously tangled vocal melodies. Take a listen below, and scroll down to check out a trailer for The Courtneys II, plus its album art and track list.