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With recording as basically the only medium in which to experience new rock bands these days, the full-throated belting and high energy antics which work on-stage aren’t always the way to tap into an audience’s feelings. The truth is, the opposite tactic does the trick. Today, from our homes, we seek connection, communion, and acknowledgement that all this isolation is hard. And giving into the gloom – even just for the length of one, intimately recorded EP – can be more of a cure than ignoring the darkness by pumping your fist.

“All Night” was fully recorded and produced in Loveland, Colorado, though Isadora Eden’s residential history includes New Orleans, Brooklyn and her current home, Denver. The soft elocution in her young, muted alto reflects this well-travelled soul; one who’s stories we believe regardless of how few words they contain or how many years they took to accrue. Together with co-writer/band-mate Sumner Erhard, Eden builds thoughtful musical structures and well-woven instrumental textures throughout.

All Night’s producer, mixer and mastering engineer Corey Coffman (Gleemer, Slow Caves, Corsicana) should be given due credit for framing Eden’s minimalistic, melodic exhilations with just the right amount of dramatic rock beauty. Like a shoegaze-y Soccer Mommy cloaked in timid sincerity, Eden’s voice offers sad solidarity to those who will listen, while she, Erhard and Coffman carry her shy messages on the shoulders of stately guitars, dignified drums and echoey atmosphere.


Recording these sad songs with Corey & Sumner was so fun. I feel so lucky to work with such awesome & talented people and I’m so proud of these songs.

Released February 5th, 2021

lyrics: Isadora Eden
music: Isadora Eden & Sumner Erhard