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Portland garage rockers Summer Cannibals are loud, distorted and sound like someone told Haim to fuck off and the Hives to ditch the suits and get sloppy.  “Something New” is the first single from Summer Cannibals 2nd full length album “Show Us Your Mind” which is out March 3rd via New Moss Records A song perfectly situated for that moment when your ex just threw all your shit out of a second-story window, “Something New,” from the band’s forthcoming Larry Crane-produced sophomore album “Show Us Your Mind”, does well to prove that its name is a lie: Summer Cannibals songs eat people in the winter, too. Patti Smith is the guiding light for Summer Cannibals, in both name and spirit. The Portland quartet debuted with No Makeup in 2013, carving out garage-punk territory in a region that’s known for some pretty gnarly bands. But for the new album Show Us Your Mind, Summer Cannibals make a big leap. Like Smith, the band understands the power of a good hook smuggled inside the snarl. The songs swagger now as frontwoman Jessica Boudreaux takes more of the spotlight. “I’ve been looking for something new / To keep my hands busy while I get over you,” she sneers on “Something New,” sounding equally menacing and inviting.