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Our Girl (Credit: Charlotte Patmore)

Brighton trio Our Girl have been among bands to watch especially as Soph Nathan doubles as guitarist in the Big Moon. Live, the three-piece are a blizzard of energy and ideas, with those ideas gradually coming into clearer and clearer contrast. Their new EP ‘Normally’ was recorded over the course of just one day this summer, with the session being overseen by Steve Ansell of Blood Red Shoes.
Its a righteous four-tracker, to be released on November 18th via Cannibal Hymns and it seems to nail some indefinable sense of atmosphere. The video for languid slacker jam ‘No Big Deal’, with its hazy melancholia being contrasted with some underwater visuals. Our Girl’s Soph Nathan explains:
“We wanted to film the video to ‘No Big Deal’ under water to reflect the erratic nature of the song: the sense of not being able to breathe or move as quickly as you need to, like in a bad dream where you can’t get away from something that’s chasing you. We liked the idea that under water there’s a fine line between that kind of claustrophobia and complete tranquillity. You can also create an immense sense of calm under water – the sound of silence when you’re floating, weightless. It’s this sense of volatility that we thought would suit the feeling of the song so well.”