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The minute we realized that the word Juicebox sounded like the word Jukebox, we knew that volume 3 of our covers series would have something to do with kids. The songs on Busted Juicebox: “Busted Jukebox Vol 3″ are collaborations with friends who are also navigating the unique circumstances of raising children within the structures of a traveling band or within the music world. In many ways diapers and nap schedules replace sex and drugs as the sustaining routines of our touring lives. So many of our friends in the arts have become parents, and it feels comforting to know there is a tribe of artists, nurturing men and women, who are finding their way out there and that we have one another for encouragement and support. These songs on Juicebox were all chosen because of some connection we have to them.
Childhood movie favourite, old lullabies and songs we just understood differently once we became parents ourselves. And considering the circumstances of the last year, and the resulting time we have had with our children, this album has never been more appropriate. We hope you enjoy listening to it.
Special thanks to Sharon Van Etten, M. Ward, T. Hardy Morris, The Secret Sisters, John Paul White, John and Dennis of Deer Tick, Tanya Trotter from The War and Treaty, The Felice Brothers, and the Shrimp Records Family Ant Band.

Have you listened to “In My Room” feat Sharon Van Etten yet? Go forth and do so now! The rest of the joyful and not sad album.

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Shovels & Rope manages to make a lot out of a little. The guy-girl, husband-wife duo acts can get cloying, but Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst defy such pigeonholing. From their instrumentation (mostly alternating between guitars, drums, and keys) to their stage décor (repurposed wooden pallets hung behind them with original projection art), Shovels & Rope makes the barebones bone rattling, and that ingenuity makes them one of the best bands we saw live this year

This rustic Americana duo known as Shovels and Rope have long savored the gore of murder ballads. Even their name references the tools of hanging and burial. But for their fifth release, the married couple which comprises the group sang about those deaths and births which have affected their own lives. The songs on ‘Little Seeds’ reflect the emotional fall-out of the senseless murder of a close friend, the impending death of one members’ father, as well as the birth of the couple’s first child. The result gave the group’s already unusual odes a greater sense of consequence. The music has also deepened, abstracting the wildest outbursts of Appalachian folk, country and blues with more purposeful distortion. Though Shovels & Rope have always favored a ramshackle style, now their racket sounds profound.

Shovels & Rope are an American folk duo from Charleston, South Carolina composed of husband and wife Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst. Combining threads from their individual solo careers, Shovels & Rope blends traditional folk rock country and Americana .

from the latest album ” Swimmin Time “ that came out mid August, the two musicians produce a wonderful sound with amazing songs, Shovels & Rope and this great video from the album . These two have always been able to crank out jaw dropping songs with just the two of them. Listen to “The Devil Is All Around” now and look out for Swimmin’ Time .