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Certainally one of the more prominent shoe-gaze bands and one of my favourites of the early 90’s. this song has all the classic markings of the genre, the etherel vocals the distorted and shimmering layered guitars. Simply intangible and heavenly taken from the Gala Album and released as their second single.


ride pic

Ride formed in Oxford in 1988 and drawing on the influence of My Bloody Valentine,, with a more rockier feel. Founder member Andy Bell went onto become the bass player in Oasis,this has great Jangly guitars and a brilliant snare drum sound with a beating tambourine takes shoegaze to another level. the debut “NOWHERE” is one of the great shoegaze albums also some exceptional EP’s were released, Laurence Colbert is now with the reformed Jesus and Mary Chain


My Bloody Valentine

the band that defined the genre, the shimmering world of instrospective guitars, reverb and delay pedals galore, driving drums, invigorating vocals this is among the greatest shoe-gaze tunes ever.