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Dog Day will release their new album “Present” via Fundog Records on the 14th August. It is their first record in seven years, and ahead of its release, the band have also shared the LP’s debut single, Hell on Earth.

As the opening count in and fuzzed-out bass congeal, Hell on Earth’s chiming guitar hook melds seemlessly with airy synths, setting a summery tone for the track from the jump. But beneath the sheen, the song frames Dog Day’s longstanding penchant for sombre themes and wistful warnings:

Tomorrow morning we’re gonna face hell on earth / Let them do their worst / When tomorrrow dawns it won’t matter where you went wrong / We’ll all share the burn.


Guitar / Vox : Seth Smith
Bass / Vox : Nancy Urich
Keys : Megumi Yoshida
Drums : KC Spidle

releases August 14th, 2020