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Swedish post-punk band Viagra Boys released a new album, “Welfare Jazz”, this week via YEAR0001 Records. Now that it’s out you can stream the whole thing here. It includes “Girls & Boys,” a new song they shared earlier this week. Since their founding in 2015, Swedish post-punk band Viagra Boys have made a name for themselves burning up stages around the world. There’s a little Iggy Pop spit and seethe, a David Yow drunken stumble, and a bite of Nick Cave’s haunted bark. Add a dash of motorik groove, a pinch of post-punk grime, and a dose of no wave howl.

For every gruff and gritty croak in the outfit’s catalogue, they come back with a pair of bongos, squared-off synths, and a squonky saxophone, with songs that deftly lay waste to society’s normalization of toxic masculinity, racism, misogyny, classism, and self-obsession.

Viagra Boys’ Sebastian Murphy dreams about everyone hating his guts. A lot. “I kept having this recurring nightmare where my mom was crying and my friends were all pissed off at me,” he recalls, almost reverently.

Viagra Boys previously released a video for Welfare Jazz’s “Creatures” . They also shared the album’s cover of the 1999 John Prine song “In Spite of Ourselves” featuring Amy Taylor of Australian rock band Amyl and the Sniffers. The band’s most recent release was their Common Sense EP, which came out back in March 2020 again on YEAR0001.

The band’s new album, Welfare Jazz, doesn’t bargain with the anxiety in that defeated feeling, but rather a boiling certainty that nothing and no one is absolute. There’s plenty of blame to go around, and things are just a lot more interesting when you admit that you’re not always going to be nice, you’re not always going to pick the right words in a fist-fight. So why not keep moving forward, swaying and strutting into the night.


A dark and tattooed attitude with a dance floor punk throb. All hail Viagra Boys. Sweden’s finest.

A re-release of the Stockholm sextet’s debut album with extra tracks. Produced by Daniel Fagerstrom (Skull Defekts, Chronic Heist) and Pete Gunnerfeldt (The Hives). Sebastian Murphy (vocals), Henrik Höckert (bass), Benjamin Vallé (guitar), Oskar Carls (saxophone) Martin Ehrencrona and Tör Sjodén (drums) deliver a satirical punk-rock take on masculinity. Caustic and caustic with powerful dance-floor devastating rhythms of pounding motoring beats that are powered by churning bass, swinging broken-glass formed guitars and of course the drums – the relentless no-prisoners-here drums. A theatrical, passionate vocal shower storm of proclamatory emotional outbursts cajole and entreat you and always carry you away. An intense, unusual and captivating blend of theatrics, rockabillyroll, post-punk and dark power.

‘Just Like You’ from our debut album ‘Street Worms’.


Grimey, acid highway full throttle; Viagra Boys twisted dark punk album Street Worms is an interesting ride as vocalist Sebastian Murphy lets you ride shotgun while this trip takes you blazing to the top of a mountain before speeding right back down to the basement again. The bass line ferociously drives the car and the drums make sure you stay on the road – this is one of those trips where you sporadically wake up and find yourself in strange situations, wondering how the fuck you got there. From the Shrimp shack to the dog show, one minute you’re playing rugby ball the next moment you’re being eaten by worms, and between the fading lights and the strange look on your friend’s face Murphy grabs your ears and asks you what it really is you want from this life.

This is an album about illusions of realness, the absurdum of existence and the joke on humanity. Street Worms is Viagra Boys debut studio album, a debut that instantly let them occupy their absolute own space in music history. “It was all a dream, but it was so nice. I had a nice house and such a lovely wife. We had a little dog, such a little dog, it reminded me of a large dog. Just a miniature size.” Produced by Daniel Fagerström (Skull Defekts, Chronic Heist) and Pelle Gunnerfeldt (Fireside, The Hives) for YEAR0001 2018. For fans of Idles, Shame, Fucked Up, Devo and the Birthday Party.


From the new album ‘Street Worms’ came out 28th September