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From the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. featuring : Efraim Kent, Alice Botéus, Felix Andersson, Per Svensson. are School 94′.

If you saw the BBC Sound of 2015 longlist and thought: “Nice lineup, but where are some actual, you know, bands?” – well, here’s one. They’re a Sundays/Smiths type of four-piece from Scandinavia, which means the guitars are set to glacial, and the chill factor is high. They’re resolutely indie, although their choruses, even given the instrumental melee, are often severe. Listen once to Botéus’ soaring and keening voice over the guitar/bass/drums and it will probably recall a less sonically extreme Cocteau Twins or a less surreal, more sorrowful Sugarcubes. Listen again, and you might agree with certain reviewers who have discerned in School 94’s music a punchy pop sensibility .