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Released on this day in 1973..“Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” is the fifth studio album by English rock band Black Sabbath,  the debauchery continued. The band rented a house in Bel Air to write. After a month of no writing and all partying they returned to the UK to Clearwell Castle. The band says the medieval surroundings were inspiring, particularly for Iommi who came up with the riff for Sabbath Bloody Sabbath in one of the castles dungeons. Ultimately they left the castle after scaring the hell out of each other too many times and finished the record at Morgan Studios, where Yes were recording next door. So they grabbed Rick Wakeman to lend a hand on Sabbra Cadabra. As well, some of the guys in Zep showed up. John Bonham wanted to play on Sabbra Cadabra but the band preferred to jam on something other than their own. To be a fly on the wall.. I personally love this record.

It’s got all kinds of things happening. Heavy, spacey, funky, experimental.. although it was getting close to the end.