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Young Washington, DC trio Knife Wife describe their 2019 debut Family Party as “the regurgitation of the tear inducing boredom and ecstasy that is being 15 years old. The album is a medley of violent indifference, sorrow, general nastiness, bitter joy, and the symbolism of dogs.” It’s also very punk rock, in a DIY sort of way, with a bunch of memorable, minimal, and visceral songs. Family Party came out via Priests’ Sister Polygon label,

Minimalistic music monkeys churning out disconcerting melodies. A gaggle of goofy creatures dancing like heathens to their own yelps for help. The diary of a teenybopper translated and recited by freaks. This and more in the foreboding and mirthful sounds of Knife Wife.


Across its 10 tracks, band members Sami Cola, Nico Castleman, and Ruby Parrish rotate through guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. Though their lyrics are hard to swallow, their compositions are solemn, rudimentary chord progressions that pile each instrument on top of the others. The ominous bass and breathy sighs of “Dogs” recall the seductive rock of LA’s Cherry Glazerr. Sometimes the band’s eerie, crawling guitars resemble a lo-fi version of the xx’s haunted minimalism. “Fruity Void” drops the standard rock band arrangement in favour of a surreal synth wormhole. The earliest tracks explore infatuation turned to poisonous obsession: “Cut up photos of you and glue it in my eyelids,” goes the first verse of “Dreamland.” “Silly Pony,” the best-conceived track, pairs a single plucked guitar string against Parrish’s exhausted vocals. “You fucked my dogma,” she sings, the syllables barely escaping her throat. “I’ll collect your used Band-Aids/Until my infatuation fades.” During the chorus, her voice sounds like it’s traveling through a playground talk tube. There’s no affection, just a deranged search for validation.

Family Party released July 12th, 2019