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ALT J – ” In Cold Blood “

Posted: May 10, 2017 in MUSIC
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It’s a busy time for Alt J . The English indie-rock group have their forthcoming third album, Relaxer, To be released on June 2nd. They’ve got a US tour and then some european and UK dates on the books that will take them across the U.S., Canada and Europe. And they’ve spun off two singles, including “In Cold Blood” which they recently performed on Jimmy Kimmel and just dropped a violent, cinematic video for this new single.

The video features narration from Iggy Pop, and might be the darkest and most violent thing featuring a mouse maybe ever . It’s not entirely clear what kind of deal has gone wrong in the clip, but there are plenty of dead and dying people that the leading mouse is trying its best to avoid. Whatever the case, the wood mouse is one resilient little critter.

The band said of their new visual in a statement:

We love working with great directors, giving them the creative freedom to interpret our tracks as they wish. It leads to great collaborations, like this new video for In Cold Blood from Casper Balslev. As you are about to find out, a day in the life of a wood mouse can be unexpectedly dangerous .

ALT J – ” 3WW “

Posted: March 6, 2017 in MUSIC
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After nearly three years , it looks like we’re finally going to be seeing some new music from Alt-J. With a preview unofficial video being posted online, fans have managed to uncover new information about the group’s new record.

The group’s official YouTube account posted a video ‘00110011 01110111 01110111’. The track itself is an experimental piece whose title, it turns out, is actually binary code for ‘3WW’. The music is accompanied by trippy footage from the infamous Japanese PlayStation game LSD DREAM EMULATOR , which has long been used to accompany experimental, or psychedelic music in Youtube videos.

The album’s artwork looks like, the fact that the LP is titled Relaxer, and that it should be released on June 9th.

From the forthcoming album RELAXER out June 9th.

The eight-track album is set to use the new teaser track ‘3WW’ as it’s opener, and with the intriguing instrumental sound that it uses, it looks as though Alt-J are back to their kooky, experimental sound that we’ve come to know and expect from them.

With a tentative album release date of June 9th, could that mean we’ll be seeing the band touring during the late summer? Only time will tell, .

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This very english band has now made three of my favorite albums of the 21st century. alt-J weaves unimaginable and otherworldly tales. Sometimes their art-rock songs lean heavily on folk traditions — their version of “House Of The Rising Sun” or their inclusion of lines from the Irish tune “The Auld Triangle” on “Adeline” or Shakespearean references in “3WW” come to mind.

(That title refers to “3 worn words”: “I love you.”) And there are also lots of other literary references, including “Pleader,” inspired by Richard Llewellyn’s book How Green Was My Valley and Truman Capote’s In Cold BloodBut with all that said, it’s the sonic soundscapes that make these eight songs an album worth spending time with; no one makes music like this. “Relaxer” is choral, quirky and bewildering.


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