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Steve Wynn is well known as a vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, beginning as part of the renowned Paisley Underground outfit The Dream Syndicate.  After the group folded, Wynn began a solo career that garnered critical acclaim and accolades from his legion of fans.  Now, his solo career is celebrated in a new, 11-CD box set from Real Gone Music called Decade.  The expansive 166-track set chronicles Wynn’s career with deluxe versions of the albums he released from 1995 to 2005, many of which have been long out of print.  From the U.S. albums “Melting In The Dark, Sweetness and Light, My Midnight, Here Come The Miracles, Static Transmission, and …Tick…Tick…Tick”, to the rarities collections like the German compilation The Emusic Singles Collection and the European set Pick of the Litter– not to mention the 57 unreleased tracks within – the Decade Box Set promises to be the definitive word on Steve Wynn’s solo output.  It’s all been compiled and sequenced by Wynn himself, alongside archivist and box set producer Pat Thomas.  

Steve Wynn first gained fame as lead singer and songwriter for The Dream Syndicate. But his post-Dream Syndicate solo career is the equal of any indie-rock singer-songwriter you’d care to name. Now, Real Gone Music and Steve Wynn have joined forces to release “Decade” (yup, the Neil Young reference is deliberate), an 11-CD set that chronicles, with lavish deluxe editions, the guitar-driven albums Wynn recorded between 1995 and 2005, most of which have been long out-of-print. The statistics on this box set are mind-blowing: 166 tracks, 57 of them totally unreleased, plus 31 other rarities! That’s right’over half of this 11-CD set consists of either hitherto unknown recordings or tracks that have been almost impossible to find!.

So, Real Gone Music has just issued (is issuing? I’m not sure about the timeline) “Decade”, an 11-CD box set of music recorded by Steve Wynn—he of Dream Syndicate, Miracle Three, Gutterball, Baseball Project, and other fames—between 1995 and 2005, and the first album in the set is Melting in the Dark, which Steve recorded with Boston band Come back in 1995. If you’ve never heard “Melting in the Dark“, I recommend you order the box set right now so you can enjoy the fruits of our labours (plus Steve’s albums Sweetness and Light, Here Come the Miracles, and more!). We basically rehearsed and recorded all of “Melting in the Dark” in two three- or four-day sessions, and there are a lot of great songs and performances therein