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How familiar does this song sound? Where have I heard it before? It’s seriously killing me. Someone please tell me where this song is from. It’s like Broken Bells meets OG Coldplay meets Snow Patrol covering Tame Impala. Jacksonville Florida has its list of noteworthy artists and musicians like any city does, however if you manage to dig a bit deeper you’ll find an entire thriving ecosystem of bands like when you used to turn over a stones behind your elementary school when you were a kid.

Amongst these many creative and talented groups is a band called Sea Cycles made up from the minds of Brian Squillace, Landon Paul, Josh Wessolowski and Lindsey Shante. Sea Cycles formed in late 2011 and released their brand of ambient synth pop via their debut and self released EP entitled ‘What We Came For’. After catching the attention of Other People Records, the band will release their debut LP ‘Ground & Air’ via the Los Angeles based independent label in the summer of 2015. Drawing positive comparisons to indie favorites such as Broken Social Scene, Yeasayer and M83, Sea Cycles has proven the timeless adage that a good band is a good band and there’s no arguing with that.

Whatever it is, I like it. It’s from Florida four-piece Sea Cycles, who’ll hopefully follow up this single release with a full-length album soon. Watch for this band.


Band Members
Brian Squillace, Landon Paul, Josh Wessolowski, Colin Adkins


Many Rooms is the moniker of Brianna Hunt whose music is often said to parallel the likes of such artists as Daughter, Damien Rice, Mazzy Star, and Iron and Wine.

The haunting and beautiful works are ever-present in the newly released track “Hollow Body”, which is also the title track from her recently released long player.

The Father Complex // Many Rooms // Hollow Body // Other People Records 2015 // Directed by Josh



Many Rooms is Brianna Hunt and she released her debut, six track EP Hollow Body right at the end of 2015. It gained nowhere near the sort of attention it should have, perhaps because of that scheduling and hopefully news of a vinyl press that is set to follow via Other People Records should change that.

The opening track “The Father Complex” is devastating from the outset, an outpouring of inner turmoil delivered by little other than the pained circles of a ringing guitar, haunting vocals and space yet it sounds so sophisticated and so beautiful that however intense and bruised it may be, it’s a journey you’ll want to take over and over again (though be prepared to go through feelings you didn’t know you could experience).

The EP is sparse guitars, heartbreaking lyrics and beautiful melancholy throughout, the sort of music that I’m an absolute sucker for, there’s no bells and whistles here, just raw emotion that touches the back of your throat. It’s beguiling as a result. “I’ll Sing My Soul” sums that up in both name and song, simply echoed vocals and softly strummed guitar yet it never once wains in its intensity.


The title track “Hollow Body” was my initial introduction to Many Rooms and is a real beauty of a track centered around finger-plucked guitar, emotive lyrics and Brianna’s haunting vocal, it will immediately draw comparisons with Daughter (well of her stripped-down acoustic singer beginnings) because of the deliberate space left in the music for the listener to feel, and boy do you feel, an intimate yet masterfully created tale of heart-on-the-sleeve emotion.