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It’s hard to believe it’s been over six months since the release of For Their Love, and what a crazy six months it’s been! Hope you have all managed to stay safe and well. As the year draws to a close, we cast our minds back to sunnier, happier times in Sicily where ‘For Your Love’ was written. We’re proud to release the original demo versions of the songs from the album…
After the 2016 election, Kim and I decided it was time to take a break from the USA. After a long road trip through Europe we ended up in a small town on the island of Sicily called Castellammare del Golfo. There we found such peace and a way of life that inspired putting down the computer and getting back to a more basic form of song writing. The result was the sketches of what would become For Their Love. We hope you enjoy these early musings. Kim & Jesse.

“Sicily Sessions” on Cassette – limited to just 100 copies via the band’s store.

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For their fourth record “For Their Love”, Oklahoma indie rock outfit Other Lives set out to reconnect with rural life again, renting a house in Oregon’s Cooper Mountain region, up in the American north. Just surrounded by towering trees and barely anything to interfere in their creative process, it was this sublime setting that soon gave rise to the new material, incorporating the sense of freedom and the shared community. The sweeping, cinematic aura of their sound is meanwhile taken to wholly new dimensions, whilst diving into existential themes such as finding stability and security in a world that is crumbling before our eyes.

From the very start to the finish line, For Their Love is an album that carefully frames the emotions of each track into a wholesome dramaturgy that reverberates the deep sensitivities lying within the music. The initial song Sound Of Violence leads the way and is a heavy-minded, while powerful opening piece that recreates the aura of an open wild. With Jesse Tabish’s vocal musings at the core, which are at once absorbing as they are uplifting, more upbeat pieces such as the following Lost Day or later on Hey Hey I gain a vivid tone and ignite sparks of hope and light amidst feelings of fear and despair. Creating beautiful layers of sound, the string arrangements contribute here greatly, For Their Love is building up sound architectures of cinematic grandeur. All Eyes / For Their Love for instance, features an extended instrumental intro, before the voice of Jesse Tabish breaks in, rendering a passionate vocal performance that leads us through stages of tranquil emotions up to euphoric rising and back again.

In a different manner, although equally tender, the heartfelt We Wait, which processes the traumatic loss of a close friend, takes a simple acoustic guitar pattern to evolve it into a wistful tune about loss, personal memories and the challenging process of letting go. The serene ballad Sideways is then quite a fitting coda to the album. There is still light in this dark world, that is the message of the song. And what could be more important than to hold on to that high note?.

From the new album “For Their Love” available everywhere April 24th, 2020

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“When I was 15, I formed the All American Rejects. This was my high school band. Always there in our everyday life were Tommy and Jennifer, a member’s older sister and brother-in-law. Tommy was the older brother I never had. Kind and wise, he was my mentor and family to me.

Tommy was shot and killed at the age of 25, on the morning of 30th November. Jennifer, his wife, had hired his murderer.

This event completely devastated and shattered my reality. I quit the Rejects and was very lost. I soon found the piano and started moving towards a deeper place inside, artistically, which has shaped me to this day. For many years, I had avoided this trauma and couldn’t touch the subject. I pushed it out, only for it to haunt me more recently. Writing this song is the way for me to heal and remember my old pal, Tommy.”
Jesse Tabish

The new track “Hey Hey I” from Other Lives, from their forthcoming record For Their Love, out April 24th. The release for the upcoming record says that the band uses the new material to explore themes of lost hope and violence, in the wake of incident when front-man Jesse Tabish’s (also a founding member of All-American Rejects) best friend had his life taken by someone from within the band’s inner circle.

The new record allowed Tabish to reflect on that “haunting” experience and has been a chance to exorcise some difficult demons. Stylistically, the new single and video are not as dark as that story could have one think. The video is a straightforward glimpse into the recording of the song.

Tabish, says “The video is a reflection of the recording process of the album, that took place in the A-frame in the woods. We wanted to portray this process in a natural, organic way, without telling a story but rather showing glimpses of us working together as well as coming together with friends.”

And that revelatory vibe definitely comes across in the song. It is a sonic driving force, reminiscent of the better work of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, where the vocal harmonies evoke a spirit of community, like singing in a temple or around a campfire. It opens with an E on the piano that’s repeated on the down beat throughout the song syncopating with the kick drum. A technique utilized in a lot of songs that is a simple way to convey a sense of sustained energy without sounding overproduced. It’s a great trick you can hear used by David Bowie to excellent effect in several tracks on the aptly titled Raw Power by The Stooges, notably in “Gimme Danger” because of the similar four on the floor cadence, but the technique is also used on the record’s title track.

Seeing a band together, healing from past trauma by hunkering down in a house and creating something joyous in the wake of a terrible tragedy is something that resonates loudly in these difficult times. The lyrics too, evoke a sense of being worn down and pursued by forces bent to destroy with lines that have a menacing tone presented in a beautiful way, not unlike the lyrics of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, who is a fan and early champion of Other Lives.

“They only come out at night/ They only come out at night/ How many times will you let them run you empty?/ How many times do you let them suck you dry?/ Or you trying to rest but you know they’re going to find you/ You said something don’t feel right.”

It’s a great remedy for the quarantine blues. A song about hard times, but expressed in a joyous and communal spirit

From the new album “For Their Love” available everywhere April 24th, 2020.

For Their Love


Listen to our new single “Easy Way Out”!

Other Lives new album “Rituals” will be available everywhere on May 4th.
Pre-order now, the first 500 physical pre-orders from our official store receive 3 limited edition lithographs. All pre-orders from our store also receive an early download of the album on May 1st and two instant downloads.

Dreamy and cinematic Other Lives are getting ready to release their third album. Watch / Listen to the full session here: They began as a band called Kunek out of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Rechristened Other Lives in 2008, they released their first album under that name a year later, an atmospheric gem of a record that marries an orchestral rock sound with the sensibility of a classic singer-songwriter vibe. They returned for another batch of majestic, pastoral folk-rock in 2011, which led them to perform with the likes of Bon Iver and Radiohead over the next year. They’ve taken a break since then to prepare a new album, and if there are two clichés worth using to describe the record, they would be: 1) the third time is the charm, and 2) it has been worth the wait. Guest host Chris Douridas showcases material from Rituals when Other Lives stop by Morning Becomes Eclectic.


Following the success of the 2011’s album Tamer Animals” Other Lives went into a period of transition. Whether this was originally the intention ahead of their anticipated third release or not remains to be seen. New release “2 Pyramids” is a transcendental exercise in holding onto your past whilst also accepting the spontaneity that comes with the unknown.


Whilst “Reconfiguration”, the first release from May’s anticipated new album titled “Rituals”, seemed to be a bridge between Other LivesTamer Animals and whatever would come next, “2 Pyramids” is almost the band’s version of stripped back. Despite the multifaceted instrumentation that has become second nature to Other Lives’ sound, “2 Pyramids” straddles the line between chaos and calm with perfection, building and receding in all the right moments. There is a spirited, unapologetic energy that tinges the song with carefree abandon, suggesting that Other Lives know all too well that although your past can be a great influencer, this doesn’t mean that you can’t also sometimes detour along new, untrodden paths.

Speaking about the track, the band said: “Inspired by a Joseph Campbell book, ‘2 Pyramids’ is a commentary on the human need for the belief in something beyond the self – ‘2 Pyramids’ representing an archetypal symbol that protects from irrational entities. The conflict between primal and rational is a common theme throughout the record.”

Amidst layers of sweeping percussion, singer Jesse Tabish’s vocals retain a pensive, haunting element; a perfect partner to the upbeat melancholy that underpins the track. “2 Pyramids” is a lush, polished experiment in morphing the wistfulness that Other Lives crafted so meticulously on 2011’s Tamer Animals into something more grandiose without losing the charm that makes the trio so consistently endearing.