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Thibault Or Not Thibault album art

A decade and a half after their only studio album, Minimum Chips’ Nicole Thibault returns with a brilliant debut solo record. Featuring contributions by members of ORB, Parsnip, The Ocean Party and Minimum Chips bandmate Julian Patterson, the melodic avant-pop on ‘Or Not Thibault’ is equally captivating.

With its modestly-constructed yet warm, layered palette of analogue sound and baroque-psych arrangements, the album’s immediate charm underscores its heart: Thibault’s softly sung reflections on often painful circumstances are tender, direct and refreshingly real. In their day, Minimum Chips were thoughtful and deliberate in their movements, releasing their debut full-length some 11 years after forming. Thibault’s debut feels similarly unhurried – and it’s well worth the wait.

New single from Thibault album Or Not Thibault, out 4th September 2020 on pink+black vinyl